Season ticket holders

If you book 4 or more shows during one season, you are a De Schalm season ticket holder.


*you are the first to receive the new theater brochure 
*you are first in line to order tickets, during the pre-season (May)
*you will be invited to the FREE preview night 
*monthly newsletter for season ticket holders with great benefits

BENEFITS FOR 10+ GUESTS (10 or more shows per season)
*you will be able to return tickets at a later stage (until 3 days prior to the date of the show)
*'bring a friend' offer 2x per year
*attend free guided tour
*all the above benefits

BENEFITS FOR 20+ GUESTS (20 or more shows per season)
*free early bird pass
*entitled to pay early bird price the whole year around (if applicable)
*no reservation or cancellation fee
*2x offer to visit a theater show free of charge
*all the above benefits, except the 'bring a friend' offer

Do you have any questions or would you like some more information? Please send a mail to

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