Wheelchair users
The public areas of Theater De Schalm are also accessible by wheelchair. The Grote Zaal and the Lindenzaal have a number of spaces available for wheelchair users. Please contact the theater box office to make a reservation for a wheelchair space (040-253 35 78). Unfortunately, it is not possible to reserve a wheelchair space via the website. Theater De Schalm also has toilet facilities for disabled persons.

Persons with a visual impairment

Per show, we have a very limited number of seats available for persons with a visual impairment. Please book those seats (in time!) by phone via 040-253 35 78 (Mon to Fri from 11:00 to 15:00 hours).

People with a hearing impairment

Theater De Schalm makes use of the sound amplifying equipment of the Phonak FM system. The devices are available in the Grote Zaal and the Lindenzaal for both people who use their own hearing aid and for people who do not use a hearing aid, but would like to use a sound amplifying device during the show. The equipment (neck loop and/or headphone) is available at the theater box office. Use of the equipment is free of charge. After the show, you can return the equipment to our employees in the cloakroom.

Parking for disabled persons – Taxi bus

Minneveld: There are 3 parking spaces for disabled persons next to the entrance to the city hall and the library. You are required to have a parking card for disabled persons to be able to park here. You can use the passageway through the city hall to get from Minneveld to Meiveld. You will immediately see the entrance to De Schalm on your left.

Parking garage Geer: This parking garage has 4 parking spaces for disabled persons, 2 are situated under Meiveld and 2 under Minneveld. All 4 parking spaces are located next to the elevator. You have to pay the parking fee to be able to use the parking spaces for disabled persons in parking garage Geer.
Taxi bus: If you are coming by taxi bus, you can best ask the driver to drop you off at Minneveld and use the passageway through the city hall to go to Meiveld.


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