Sting & The Police

Legends Remastered
Sun 29 May '22 20:15 - 22:15
Sun 29 May '22
20:15 - 22:15
  • Sun 29 May '22
    20:15 - 22:15
    Grote Zaal

A spectacular theater concert, dedicated to the music of Sting and his legendary band The Police. During this unique evening full of rock, pop, classical music, jazz and everything in between, the versatility Sting has become famous for over the years takes center stage. 

The Legends Remastered will not only play the well-known songs, such as Shape Of My Heart, Roxanne, Englishman In New York and Message In A Bottle, but they will also perform special musical adaptations of Desert Rose, Synchronicity I and It's Probably Me, among others. The idiosyncrasy with which the musicians interpret these beautiful songs will surprise and move you time and again. Some songs will be played in a grand and almost orchestral way, others more small and intimate

The composition of the band and singers is also unique and completely matches the versatility of Sting's music.

The band solely consists of top musicians from the rock, pop and jazz scene. Lead singer Ludovique (Luc Devens) is an all-round vocalist with incredible dynamics and musicality. He adds his own authentic sound to each Sting/Police song, without straying too far from the original songs. He has worked with many well-known musicians, including Dominic Miller, Sting's regular guitarist and author of the classic song Shape Of My Heart.

And not to forget the vocal artists of Rock4, an internationally renowned and award-winning ensemble, which has been drawing crowds all over Europe for years with their impressive vocal music. During this concert, they are the icing on the cake. Beautiful harmonies, percussion/drum and bass sounds, but above all, amazing voices.

In addition to this exceptional group of musicians, special musical guests will also regularly take the stage.

Legends Remastered will bring the music of Sting and The Police to the theater in a unique way. It will be one big party for both performers and audience.

No Dutch required to attend this performance

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