Another Kind of Blue

Sat 11 Feb '23 20:15 - 21:25
Sat 11 Feb '23
20:15 - 21:25
  • Sat 11 Feb '23
    20:15 - 21:25
    Grote Zaal

We are living on the waves of our existence, with on the one hand the inner emotions ranging between joy and sorrow and on the other hand the cyclical movements of nature. In the new show Wave, choreographer David Middendorp examines, in four choreographies, the impact of technology on the wave motions of our existence. With world premieres of Frequentie & Frequentie² and Hands ON Stage.

Waves of all shapes

Sound and signal waves, the waves in the sea and the changing of the seasons. They come and go in a never-ending flow of movement. Life is intertwined with these wave motions; it is a natural dynamic principle, which also, to a large extent, determines a dance piece.

In the style of Another Kind of Blue, choreographer David Middendorp's new full-evening show Wave examines the role of technology in our lives and how it impacts the ubiquitous wave motions of our existence. The four choreographies that make up Wave - Airman, Frequentie & Frequentie², 15 Minute Universe and Hands ON Stage - each shed a different light on this special dance between man and technology.

Airman (2018) portrays a duet between humans and drones, which explores the form of human consciousness. Followed by the new choreography Frequentie & Frequentie² in which two choreographies jointly form a diptych that explores the importance of rhythm and wavelength for humans. 15 Minute Universe (2009) tells the intriguing story of the fact that the concept of time and our place in the bigger picture are only relative. Finally, David Middendorp is developing a stage version of the virtual reality show HandsON (2020), which is centered around our hands and the language we speak with them.

Media reactions regarding shows of David Middendorp
Theaterkrant about Face Machine: "When in the audience, you both see the hilarious result on a mega screen and the making of with the rapidly switching of dancers underneath lights and cameras. It requires some technical ingenuity, but then you literally have a funny face machine.”

Theaterkrant about Wereldleiders: "Middendorp’s latest creation Wereldleiders is technically speaking at least as ingenious. The only one of the five choreographies that also dares to be gloomy and disturbing.”

De Volkskrant about Airman: "Choreographer David Middendorp astonishes his audience with dancers and drones that merge into an enchanting world. ****

Eindhovens Dagblad about Airman and Flyland, among others: "This is an innovative dance spectacle with plenty to enjoy for those who are not really into dance. Smart!"

NRC Handelsblad about David Middendorp: "His greatest strength is the way he is using hi-tech throughout his shows, which makes them appealing to a wide audience".


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