Miss Bee & Mike Boddé

The Lotusclub
Fri 24 Feb '23 20:15 - 22:05
Fri 24 Feb '23
20:15 - 22:05
  • Fri 24 Feb '23
    20:15 - 22:05
    Grote Zaal

Inspired by the legendary American nightclubs of the 1930s, hosts Beatrice van der Poel - aka Miss Bee - and Mike Boddé are taking you back to the days of Jazz, Blues, whisky and opium: 'the sweet Lotus Blossom'. A show that is lurking behind the piano and slouching on the divan. With delicious, tainted, malodorous-smelling music, that has left all shame behind and reluctantly gets back to everyday work.

From his album ‘Pil’ to tv show ‘Podium Witteman’. Mike Boddé is a pianist, musician and former stand-up comedian. He studied music in the United States, Chinese in Leiden and later went to the conservatory to study composition. He recently received the 'Tinnen Bunzing' award of Appingedam, from none other than his brother Jim.

From Jimi Hendrix to Holleeder. Beatrice van der Poel is Miss Bee, singer, songwriter and voice actress of many audiobooks, including the bestseller Judas. She attended the Rietveld Academy and recently dressed up as Miss Bee in silk kimono, ranking number 1 in the brothel top ten with the classic song My Daddy Rocks Me for a prolonged period.


Chilling out with smooth jazz music, which occasionally gets a bit wild and exciting... and always bottoms up! You can optionally drink our home-brewed booze at The Lotus Club, which is elegantly poured into antique porcelain teacups. Including, among others, Niels Tausk on trumpet & double bass and Tom Beek on various saxophones.