Nico Dijkshoorn & The Hank Five

Dijkshoorn Dares
Fri 10 Mar '23 20:15
Fri 10 Mar '23
  • Fri 10 Mar '23
    Grote Zaal

In his new theater show 'Dijkshoorn Durft' (Dijkshoorn Dares), Nico Dijkshoorn is searching for anything that makes him happy. A snatch of J.J. Cale from the open window of that very sweet neighbor. A left shoe left along the motorway and spotting the right one a kilometer down the road. That one line by Bob Dylan. Two meerkats. A cheering review from 1958. 

Dijkshoorn Dares. At last. No biting irony, no politics. Nothing to hide behind. Music, love, happiness. Throughout the evening.