African Mama's

Graceland The Concert
Thu 6 Apr '23 20:15
Thu 6 Apr '23
  • Thu 6 Apr '23
    Grote Zaal

In Graceland The Concert, The African Mamas let the audience relive the fantastic concert that Paul Simon initiated and conducted. With their beautiful voices, deep emotions and indomitable vitality, The African Mamas are creating much more than just a beautiful show. It will be a musical experience to never forget.

It all started in the early 80s when Paul Simon happened to get hold of a cassette tape of 'Gumboots'. The exhilarating sound of guitars, bass, drums and accordion reminded him of the exciting early years of rock 'n roll. Not long after, Paul Simon left for Johannesburg to start recording with the original artists, which resulted in the fantastic album Graceland.

The sensation regarding the (exciting) mix of American and South African pop music coincided with some political turbulence. The anti-apartheid movement was, to put it mildly, not happy when Paul Simon breached the cultural boycott of South Africa. While many big stars continued to perform in Sun City, the decadent symbol of apartheid politics, without voicing any criticism regarding these politics, Paul Simon became the target of criticism. Something he himself never understood. "Why were the musicians so pleased with my arrival? We worked together, without regard for race or color", he said at the time.

Graceland The Concert bypasses all criticism and commentary and is primarily a musical experience. A sensation that introduced the Soweto sound to a large audience and rewrote history in the process.