Mart Hillen

Mart & Movies
Sat 15 Apr '23 20:30
Sat 15 Apr '23
  • Sat 15 Apr '23

In his new theater show Mart & Movies, Mart Hillen, the youngest guitar phenomenon in the Netherlands, talks about his passion for films and the music especially created for those films. He is playing newly arranged film music from classics such as Titanic and Mission Impossible, but also from recent films, such as the Bohemian Rhapsody film about Queen.


At 21, Mart Hillen conquered the theater with his first solo show In Concert. Those who have seen and heard him play, want to see and hear more of him. With his virtuoso guitar playing, he is creating picturesque images that take the audience into another world.

Mart & Movies: expressive and very musical!

The media about Mart & Movies: 
Theaterparadijs****: ‘Hillen is able to interpret the tone and intensity of the song in an unparalleled way with just one instrument. His playing technique is so perfect, it is sometimes hard to believe that I am listening to just one guitar. His finger dexterity while playing is of a sublimely high level.’

Giel Beelen: 'You can hardly imagine that all songs are played with one and the same guitar!

Guitar giant Tommy Emmanuel: 'Well... I guess I can retire now. I'm looking forward to buying tickets for his concert.’