Tapas Theater

Onderdeel van Bridge Guitar Festival Eindhoven
Fri 12 May '23 19:00 - 22:45
Fri 12 May '23
19:00 - 22:45
  • Fri 12 May '23
    19:00 - 22:45
    Grote Zaal

Tapas Theater is an evening full of theater and tapas. You will enjoy 3 different shows and, if you like, 6 delicious pinxtos. Get into the holiday groove with three shows that all have a Spanish/Portuguese touch.

You can book the tapas package deal separately when ordering tickets for the show. The tapas are served prior to and during the intervals between the shows and cannot be considered a full meal. That is why we recommend you to have a small meal at home first.

19:00-19:30 welcome and 2 tapas
19:30-20:00 1st show
20:00-20:30 interval with 2 tapas
20:30-21:00 2nd show
21:00-21:30 interval with 2 tapas
21:30-22:45 3d show

Information about the shows:

Matthieu Acosta Flamenco Trio 
Info will follow.

Raquel Kurpershoek
Raquel Kurpershoek Jaldón was born in 1998 in Amsterdam and grew up in both the Netherlands and Spain. From a very young age, she developed a great love for music. She studied various musical genres at the Rotterdam Conservatory for World Music ‘Codarts’, specializing in Latin American music. Raquel Kurpershoek grew up in a family with a great passion for art. From her Andalusian mother, who is a flamenco dance teacher, she learned about joyful liveliness, rhythms and melodies combined with dance. Her father, an art historian, writer and traveler, taught Raquel the vast musical richness of each country he visited during his travels. Raquel's home was abundant with musical memories from his trips to Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, India and Cuba. In Raquel's first EP titled ‘Mil Cosas’, we can experience all these musical influences. A musical journey through Latin American geography. The family visited many museums during the weekends, where her father told stories about the artworks on display. All of this greatly influenced Raquel's love for the many different art forms and helped shape here dreamy character.

Watch the video.

Flamenco Encuentros – Inspiro
Dancer Jessica Achten does not only dance modern or flamenco. Rather, it is the combination of both dance styles that makes her a strong and unique dancer. In this show, she is accompanied by guitarist/composer Tijn van der Sanden, percussionist Claudio Spieler and pianist/electronics Carlos Ema. These young makers have a broad and innovative view on flamenco and hope to inspire many people with their shows.

1. (sentimientos, ideas) to inspire 
2. (respirar) to inhale, to breathe in 

Breath is the motor of movement, in any dance form. Breathing creates energy that is translated into movement. Breathing is central to modern dance, but conscious use of breath is also essential in Flamenco. How are these styles carried along by breath to a point where there is only movement? A flow of air that enters and leaves the body. Breathe in deeply and let yourself be inspired....

What is an artist’s source of inspiration? Is it the desire, as dancer, to communicate through movement? Is it the need, as musician, to transform one's feelings into sounds? Or are you inspired by emotions, travel, music, art, nature, a story or image?

The artists will inspire each other through constant ‘feedback’ based on 'breathing'. During their intense collaboration, they will let themselves be carried away in this flow, causing the energy to reach a climax.

Dance: Jessica Achten
Piano/live electronics: Carlos Ema
Guitar/live electronics: Tijn van der Sanden
Percussion: Claudio Spieler

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No Dutch Required