Nashville comes to Holland

Femke Weidema
1 Dec
20:30 - 22:20
A great unknown, but successful Dutch songwriter is returning to the Dutch theater stages!

It all seems like a fairy tale. If you read her biography, you absolutely want to know how this dream will end. Who else can say he or she is working in Nashville with the successful singer-songwriters Liz Rose and Babyface? Who got to write a track for the successful TV series Nashville? And who is writing songs for Stevie Nicks and Mary J. Blige?

In the Netherlands, Femke Weideman is still unknown to the public. A girl from Drachten, a town in the Dutch province of Friesland. After she participated in the ‘De Grote Prijs van Nederland’ (a musical contest for Dutch pop bands), she really knew what she wanted to achieve and went for it for a hundred percent. Last year, she played the Dutch theaters for the first time. Now she is back with her new show, telling the stories behind the songs. Together with Pieternel Osinga and Jeroen Kant and a local singer-songwriter.

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