From Mozart to Madonna

Tania Kross
15 Dec

'From Mozart to Madonna' is a surprising journey through history. From eighteenth-century child prodigies to the pop princesses of today. A musical tribute to those who, through their music, continue to live in the hearts and minds of many people. An outstanding and unique musical experience, compiled by Tania and her ensemble, consisting of friends who are all top musicians.

In the Dutch theaters, opera singer Tania Kross has become the public’s favorite. Due to her world-famous, rich, warm mezzo in combination with her dazzling personality, her shows have become very popular. That is unique, because until Tania took the theater stage, classical music was only played in the concert halls. Now, Tania Kross is singing in the most beautiful theater halls of the Netherlands. Through her, we get to experience music we otherwise wouldn’t really listen to. Music that isn’t only enriching for her own life, but also for ours.

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