Fri 27 Dec 20:15 - 22:35

To Liverpool and Back

The Bentleys
27 Dec
20:15 - 22:35

Five professional musicians with ample experience playing in theaters, on large stages and festivals in the Netherlands and abroad. In fast motion, they take you on a musical journey through the early years of pop music: from America to England and back again. In season 2018-2019 and season 2019-2020, they are touring the theaters with their concert ‘To Liverpool And Back’.

When his successful fifties and sixties band Vezpa disbanded, bass player and singer Joppe de Vree decided to follow his dream and to start a new band. With a new musical impulse however: the American vintage rhythm and blues, which was the basis for the British pop sound.

He asked his long-term musical partner Bouke Bijlsma to join in on the adventure. This singer from Amsterdam, who also plays guitar and keyboard, has this smoky edge to his voice, needed to perform the songs of icons like Ray Charles, Fats Domino and Chuck Berry in a convincing way. But he just as easily sings songs of the well-known British heroes. Not by copying them, but by trying to find the essence of their sound and feel. And that is exactly what the Bentleys are doing.
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