Our offerings for the corporate market have increased in recent years. For example, we are leading the way in developing livestreams and V-tickets. Our Grote Zaal has a unique and professional video recording system, which allows performances and events to be safely and securely relayed to other venues.

During the corona period, we broadcast our own talkshow (De Schalm Verlicht), live from our theater's Grote Zaal. Guests included artists, associations, entrepreneurs and cultural partners. There was also live music during each broadcast. We now use the basic concept of De Schalm Verlicht to produce fully customized talkshows. Are you interested in this? If so, please contact us at:

Watch an example of our talkshow De Schalm Verlicht below.

Live event 

A live event at The Schalm is the ideal way to be together digitally. Through a live stream, within a secure environment, people can participate at home in an event that physically takes place on our stage. One of the biggest advantages, of course, is the wide reach. Through Zoom, interaction with the audience at home and the speaker(s) on stage is possible. The Zoom videoconference (or other similar platform) is very suitable for online meetings, collaboration, training, technical support, sales calls or marketing purposes. It is also possible to break up into subgroups from a plenary group. In short, a safe, flexible and innovative form of gathering.

Our theater has high-quality recording facilities. The system consists of standard 4 remote cameras (1x front of house, 2x side balconies, 1x counter shot) that record in HD quality (full HD 1920 x 1080). The sound is mixed separately so that a separate balance, including audience reactions, applause and other ambiance of the hall can be made.

Want to experience an educative and inspiring day? What better location for such a day than a theater that can also be used as conference center! In addition to a large and small theater hall, Theater De Schalm also has several sub-rooms. These sub-rooms are perfect for sessions with a smaller target group or can be used as breakout room.

Theater De Schalm is centrally located in the province of North Brabant and is easy to reach by car and public transport. De Schalm has excellent audio-visual equipment and works with a very experienced team. Our sub-rooms include the Panoramazaal, the Beekzaal and the Spiegelzaal.

Corporate event
To ensure that your company has a positive working atmosphere, it is important that your employees can get along just fine. A staff party is an excellent way to strengthen the relationship between employees. Theater De Schalm is known for its enjoyable and intimate ambiance, making it an excellent location for a fun staff party. Depending on your wishes, we can turn our rooms into a fabulous party room. Theater De Schalm can cater for customized corporate events and staff parties. You can book the large theater hall, the small theater hall, the Panoramazaal and/or the Spiegelzaal. We also offer the option to use the foyer. The theater does also organize (networking) receptions.

In addition to renting a room, we also offer other options for groups or colleagues. Theater De Schalm will gladly help you plan a great night out! In combination with a stand-up comedian, a cool theater concert or an impressive play. If required, we can welcome your guests in a separate room prior to the show. Or you can have dinner in our cozy restaurant or enjoy a closing drink after the show. Furthermore, it is possible to have a tour behind the scenes. We will try to arrange many extras, such as a meet and greet with the performing artist.

Theater de Schalm has two beautiful rooms, which are prefect locations for a presentation. We have a smaller room (Lindenzaal) with 185 seats and a larger room with 460 seats. Theater De Schalm offers an exceptional location, which will help you bring across your message. We also provide excellent technical facilities.

Meeting / Workshop
Are you looking for an inspiring meeting venue or a nice location to organize a workshop in Veldhoven? You have come to the right place. We have two beautiful rooms, which are perfect for the organization of such events, namely the Panoramazaal and the Beekzaal. These rooms offer you the opportunity to convene a meeting or to participate in a workshop while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. We provide the perfect equipment to support your meeting or workshop.