You can either buy a ticket to a show online or from one of the ladies at the theater box office. When visiting our theater, you are welcomed by our hostesses and hosts. And our attendants behind the bar are ready to offer you a drink or bite to eat.
Prior to, during and after the show, our technical support team is actively working behind the scenes. They are helping to build and dismantle the stage set and lighting and sound equipment and will be the primary contact for the technicians of the performing acts. A very active team is happy to assist the users and renters.
With respect to facility management, we work with a couple of great ladies, who keep all rooms and halls shiny and clean. Furthermore, we have a small, close team that is working hard in the open office space (second floor in the newly build section of De Schalm) during daytime.

Management Team
Director-Managing director | Sjoert Bossers
Operations Manager | Maurice Verbruggen

Office staff
Marketing & Communications | Linda Heemstra
Artistic planning coordinator | Nancy van Dijck
Events | Marlies van Inzen & Robin van Hoof
Staff & Organization | Nicole Janssen
Finance | Mark Ruijs
Theater box office | Agnes de Graaff, Anja Boshouwers and Annet van der Leeuw
Technical Support | Tom van Valen, Barth-Jan Nieuwlaat and Coen Mutsaarts 

Since the early nineties, Theater De Schalm has a Supervisory Board. 
Below is a list of the board members of our current Supervisory Board.

Mr. S.M. Bossers, director and member Supervisory Board
Mr. L. de Groot, chairman Supervisory Board
Mr. P.M.W. van der Dussen, member Supervisory Board
Mrs. L.H.M. Borgers, member Supervisory Board
Mr. H. Coppens, member Supervisory Board
Mr. R. Seelen, member Supervisory Board

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