How to get there

Theater De Schalm
Meiveld 3, 5501 KA Veldhoven
(Enter Geer 10 into your navigation system)

PARKING (usually FREE at night)
Near Theater De Schalm, you can best park at parking area Repel or in parking garage Geer. These parking facilities are located near the red circle indicated on the image below.
If you are coming from the Heemweg, please take the exit to Geer on the roundabout. You will find parking area Repel at the right just after the bend in the road. Parking garage Geer will be straight ahead after the bend in the road. The red arrow in the image below marks the entrance to the theater when coming from the parking garage. Please take the double doors at Minneveld (at library to city hall) to get to Meiveld square if you are using the Repel parking area.

 Parking at parking area Repel:
– Monday to Saturday FREE parking after 18:00 hours (except on Friday - late night shopping. Then free parking after 21:00 hours) and the whole day on Sundays.

The following rules apply to parking garage Geer: 
– You can no longer enter the parking garage after 23:00 hours. 
– You can leave the parking garage 24/7!
– After 18:00 hours, parking in the parking garage is FREE OF CHARGE, as is parking on the parking spaces outside (Friday - late night shopping, free parking after 21:00 hours). Upon exiting the parking garage, you only pay for the hours you parked your car before 18:00 hours (Friday before 21:00 hours). The payment terminals automatically deduct the hours parked after 18:00 hours.
– Parking in the parking garage on Sunday is free of charge (as is on the Repel parking area).
– When entering the parking garage, please turn left at the end and take the tunnel to the second parking area of the garage. Please exit the parking garage by stairs or elevator via exit ‘Meiveld’. You will then find yourself in front of the main entrance to the theater. After the show, please use the same exit, right in front of the entrance to the theater, to return to the parking garage. There is a payment terminal in the curve of the city hall. Please enter your parking ticket to open the doors, so you can return to your car. Both the entrance door at the Meiveld and the Minneveld (near the library) give access to pedestrians, who want to pick up their car.

Please note: you need your parking ticket to open the entrance door to the parking garage. The entrance door is situated right in front of the main entrance to the theater.


Minneveld: There are 3 parking spaces for disabled persons next to the entrance to the city hall and the library. You are required to have a parking card for disabled persons to be able to park here. You can use the passageway through the city hall to get from Minneveld to Meiveld. You will immediately see the entrance to De Schalm on your left.

Parking garage Geer: This parking garage has 4 parking spaces for disabled persons, 2 are situated under Meiveld and 2 under Minneveld. All 4 parking spaces are located next to the elevator. You have to pay the parking fee to be able to use the parking spaces for disabled persons in parking garage Geer.

Taxi bus: If you are coming by taxi bus, you can best ask the driver to drop you off at Minneveld and use the passageway through the city hall to get to Meiveld.


The visitor entrance for shows (main entrance) is situated at the Meiveld, next to the entrance of the city hall.


Met de auto
Vanuit de richting Venlo/Maastricht en vanuit de richting ’s-Hertogenbosch/Tilburg neem je op de autosnelweg de A2 (E25). Bij het naderen van Eindhoven houd je randweg Eindhoven, de N2 richting Veldhoven aan. Onderaan afrit 31 (Veldhoven) ga je rechtsaf richting Veldhoven (Heistraat).
Bij de Hovenring (rotonde Heerbaan) sla je linksaf naar Veldhoven–Centrum (Heerbaan). Bij de (verhoogde) rotonde linksaf (Heemweg). Bij de dan volgende rotonde zie je het theater recht voor je. De ingang van Theater de Schalm ligt aan het Meiveld (plein achter het gebouw).


Als je met behulp van een navigatiesysteem reist is het raadzaam om als adres 'Geer 10' in te voeren. Dit is het adres van het politiebureau tegenover ons theater. 

Met het openbaar vervoer

Vanaf NS-station Eindhoven neem je lijn 402  en stap je uit bij halte Heemweg/Centrum. Deze halte bevindt zich tegenover ons theater. Ook kun je lijn 15 nemen en uitstappen bij halte Citycentrum. Vanaf hier is het nog enkele minuten lopen naar De Schalm. 


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