Do you care about Theater De Schalm and would you like to endorse us by making a donation? We greatly appreciate every donation!

Theater De Schalm has received the ANBI status. Therefore, a donation is often fully tax-deductible. Since 1 January 2012, people who sponsor a cultural organization that has the ANBI status can deduct the amount donated from the payable tax. Private persons are allowed to multiply the amount donated by a factor 1.25 in their Dutch income tax return. Companies under corporate income tax are allowed to multiply the amount donated by a factor 1.5 in their Dutch corporate tax return.

On this website (Dutch only), you will find more information about the ANBI status and the various options.

On this website (Dutch only), you will find all information Theater De Schalm is required to publish as part of the ANBI status.

The donations are never used for the ‘normal exploitation activities’, but are used for the creation of special shows or projects (of course, if required, in consultation with the relevant sponsor).

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