Motto: De Schalm offers everyone an enriching experience!
De Schalm in Veldhoven provides artists, amateur groups and companies a professional stage. Essentially, De Schalm adds cultural meaning to the lives of the citizens of Veldhoven and its surrounding area. Furthermore, the theater contributes to the quality of life and living in Veldhoven. In doing so, the theater focusses on the four following key aspects:

De Schalm helps people dream 
A different reality. To escape every-day life just for a moment. Peace. When comfortably seated in a plush chair and as soon as the lights go out, the visitor of De Schalm starts to enjoy a different reality on stage. A reality that has nothing to do with the practicalities of every-day life, such as work, family, caring for or boredom. A reality that takes new shape and that puts everyone’s own reality into perspective. A reality that allows the visitor to dream away for a while.

De Schalm wants to turn dreams into reality

To be the artist on stage. To shine. To enjoy your moment in the limelight. To literally fulfill your dream. Theater De Schalm wants to give artists in Veldhoven (and surrounding area) the opportunity to fulfill their dream by offering them a stage. The Schalm shall provide the necessary support and, if needed, advice and creative help. 

De Schalm wants people to reflect on their lives 

To think. Learn. Contemplate. To literally reflect.
Art gets people thinking and makes them recognize things. A show confronts them, makes them think and reflect. De Schalm offers its visitors and users an enriching experience by providing beautiful forms of performing arts. 

De Schalm wants to connect / meet / cooperate 

To see each other. Be together. Meet each other. We hope to see you in De Schalm.
Theater De Schalm wants to be a theater that connects people in a literal and figurative way. A professional location that brings people closer together. A meeting place for the young and old.  A place where people are connecting with other people by performing their arts. One of the meanings of the word ‘Schalm’ in Dutch is ‘link’.