A livestream from De Schalm is the ideal way to be together digitally. A professional livestream (audiovisual connection via internet) allows people to participate remotely in an event being broadcast (live) from our stage. Via Zoom or Teams, for example, interaction with the audience is possible with the speaker(s) in the room. But think also of a talk show for and by your organization, theme nights in your own style or a custom created company quiz.


The Schalm team has gained a lot of experience. Using in-house technology, a customized (online) event with large audience reach can be organized for you in no time. We have an extensive 4-camera livestream system that can broadcast in-house and/or via any internet platform such as Zoom, Teams, Youtube or using your 'own' streaming platform.

Help when needed
Our creative and skilled employees will think along with you in, for example, creating a script or conveying the (digital) message. If desired, the idea, production and/or total direction can be taken completely out of your hands and taken care of for your company.

Spaces and rooms
De Schalm has two theater halls, 3 meeting rooms and of course the foyers. All these spaces can be used multifunctionally.

Recording facilities 
Our theater has high-quality recording facilities. The system consists of standard 4 remote cameras (2x side balconies, 1x front of house and 1x counter shot) that record in HD quality (full HD 1920 x 1080). The sound is mixed separately so that a separate balance, including audience reactions, applause and other ambiance of the hall can be made. Pre-recorded video or live call-in from guests who cannot be present on our stage is also possible. 

What is possible:

New Year's resolutions 
Dance Shows 
Final musicals 
And many more!