Online reservations

You can use any device (computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone) to book and pay your tickets. Select the number of tickets per show in the correct price category, confirm the chairs allocated to you and pay for the tickets.
Click HERE for a step-by-step explanation.

You will always receive a confirmation mail once your order has been completed successfully. Check your spam box, if you did not receive such confirmation mail. After completing the online payment, it is also important to click on the ‘Complete’ button to return to the website. If your payment was successful, you will receive your tickets via email within an hour.

You only need to create an account once. If you are not able to create an account, you might be using an outdated internet browser.
If you visit our site again (via the same device), our system will automatically recognize you. Once logged in, you can change your name and address details in your account.

You are probably using an iPad2 with Safari. Download the Chrome app and try again.

In the event of a disruption, payment via iDeal may not be possible (see Please contact our theater box office if an error message appears when paying via iDeal. Or maybe you have not fully completed your payment (and returned to our website), due to the fact that you were ordering the tickets via your phone or tablet and were not able to clearly see the ‘Complete’ button. Click on the ‘Complete’ button to fully complete the payment.


When you are buying e-tickets or mobile tickets, you will immediately receive an email including the link to your e-tickets/mobile tickets after payment has been confirmed. If you select the option to receive your tickets by post, you will receive the tickets within a week.
NOTE: If you order tickets within five working days prior to the date of the show, you can collect the tickets at the theater box office (upon presentation of your booking confirmation).

We are able to scan tickets on your smartphone. We prefer to scan the mobile tickets, but a clear barcode will also suffice. Please ensure that the backlight on your phone is sufficiently lit and that you can easily swipe through multiple tickets.


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