ImPerfect Dancers

Romeo & Juliet: The Final Hours
Sat 11 May '24 20:15
Sat 11 May '24
  • Sat 11 May '24
    Grote Zaal

Watch the most famous love story of all time - the intrigues and conflicts of the two young lovers’ families in the final hours leading up to their inevitable destiny. 

As in our previous productions, the common theme is an athletic physicality - a distinctly physical language to express emotions and explore the most intimate feelings and complexities of the human soul. Through the universal medium of dance and theater, we want to explore whether ancient sentiments evolve over time. Flashbacks are used to let the audience relive the highlights of the story in an accelerated film where images merge and become confusing, until they suddenly become razor-sharp.

The audience relives the highlights of Romeo & Juliet through dance and theater by means of flashbacks. An older man and woman, and a boy and girl, selected from the Veldhoven community, are participating in the show as an older and very young Romeo and Juliet. They symbolize the evolution of love and show that true love is of all ages.

If you would like to participate in this intriguing piece as a couple or a child, please contact You do not need to have any experience as a dancer. 

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