Mart Hillen

Fri 7 Feb '25 20:30
Fri 7 Feb '25

In his new theater show called #1, guitar virtuoso Mart Hillen plays his favorite number one hits. What is the most popular Christmas song? Which Dutch songs topped the international charts? What music is played at funerals, and what music do you like to make love to?

Mart uses his guitar to translate the emotion and energy of these songs, creating his own unique way of playing the instrument. He makes his guitar growl, cry, and sing—representing a bass, a piano, and drums all in one. Mart knows how to make his guitar sound like an entire band, yet sometimes only needs a few notes to tell a story.

Hit: music that is loved by many people. In #1, Mart plays all the hits on one and the same guitar, while sharing the stories behind the songs and explaining why he loves them so much.

Giel Beelen say: "It’s hard to imagine, but all of this is done with on one and the same guitar!"

Guitar legend Tommy Emmanuel: "Well... I guess I can retire now. I'm looking forward to buying tickets for his concert.”


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