Francis van Broekhoven and Dominic Seldis

The Francis and Dominic Show
Sat 22 Feb '25 20:15
Sat 22 Feb '25

What is the result when combining the most popular and hilarious soprano with the most charming and funny British double bassist? An entertaining musical show filled with glitter and glamour, giving the audience a peek into the backstage lives of classical superstars while enjoying a stunning concert.

The Francis & Dominic Show is packed with personal stories, popular music, songs, and interaction with the audience. Stories about opera, conducting, major orchestras, and who has the most celebrities in their contacts take center stage. You will get to know these beloved classical musicians in a completely different way through their favorite music! And as you might expect from these two personalities, The Francis & Dominic show is infused with plenty of humor. And promises to be a fantastic experience, even for people that only remotely enjoy classical music!