Ashton Brothers

Wed 28 May '25 20:15
Wed 28 May '25

Straight through the physical boundaries of theater. Straight through space and time. Straight through skin and hair, in a straight line to your heart. 


‘No man is an island’ (John Donne, 1624) 

With their brand-new acclaimed BROTHERS show, the Ashton Brothers pay tribute to each other, to the tribe they jointly form. With fearless ‘visual poetry and absurdist variety’ (De Telegraaf) and ‘a splendid time guaranteed for all!’ (Theaterkrant) they take you into their infinite universe. A private cosmos of magic and musicality, with spectacular and hilarious neck-breaking stunts. A surprising view on the resilience of life and of the planet on which we live.

de Volkskrant ***** ‘Great entertainment!’ ‘Ashton Brothers in optima forma’

Scenes Magazine ***** ‘Magnificent control, idiocy, amazement and fraternization provide excitement and sensation in the theater.’

Theaterkrant – Critic’s choice: ‘Music hall has been taken to a higher level again.’ ‘Dazzling!’ ‘Cirque du Soleil, eat your heart out.’ ‘Ashton Brothers are the best.’

AD / Het Parool **** ‘Gravity completely disappears from the theater in one of the most impressive acts the Ashtons have ever made.’

Broadwayworld **** “Theatrical magic at its finest!’ ‘Refreshing, awesome, funny and brilliant.’ ‘This is what theater is about.’