She's a Rebel

A history of women in the Popmusic
Fri 4 Oct '24 20:15
Fri 4 Oct '24

An ode to all those wonderful singers from the 80s to the 00s who dedicated their lives to pop music! Some innovative, some traditional, but all of them have one thing in common; we all know them, we sing their songs word by word, we have danced, partied, swooned and cried to their hits. 

Their timeless music is still alive and kicking and guarantees a wonderful feast of recognition, where sitting still and not letting yourself be heard is simply not possible! In this theatre concert, three vocal power women - 
Jackey Jonkers, Esther Hart and Monique van der Ster- will take you on a musical journey in which they share their own story and love for their heroines by performing all those songs we all love so much. 

They do this together with a fantastic live band whose members have have more than earned their spurs in the Dutch pop scene. ‘She's a rebel’ is a compelling vocal show with recognisable female pop songs; from Aretha Franklin to Karen Carpenter, from The Pointer Sisters to Adèle, from Tina Turner to Dolly Parton, from Blondie to Donna Summer.

Grease your vocal chords, put on your bold shoes and order your tickets at your favourite theatre! 



Edwin Beekmans-toetsen 
Age Kat-gitaar 
Marco Dirne-bas 
Eelco de Boer-drums 
Esther Hart-vocals 
Jacqueline Jonkers (Jackey) - vocals 
Monique van der Ster- vocals