Acting the Maggot

The Rocky Road to Dublin - A musical journey through Ireland
Sat 5 Oct '24 20:15
Sat 5 Oct '24

Forget about Halloween, forget about Saint Patrick’s Day. Get ready for the biggest Irish theater celebration featuring the best Irish party folk band of the Netherlands: Acting The Maggot.

During this nearly two-hour show, Acting The Maggot will take you on a musical journey to the beautiful country of Ireland, which is known for its rugged landscapes, cozy pubs, and most importantly, its great music. From very sensitive folk tunes to exhilarating party beats. The musicians of Acting The Maggot have already proven their talent for throwing great parties at numerous festivals in the Netherlands and abroad. They will play songs like ‘The Town I Loved so Well,’ ‘The Wild Rover,’ ‘The Fields of Athenry’ and Whiskey In The Jar.’

According to the Irish this band just has to come from Ireland. When Acting The Maggot’s band members are playing the beautiful and invigorating Irish music, the stage just oozes passion and emotion. Even great rock bands like Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age like to share Acting The Maggot’s music online.

Instead of playing at large festivals, the band is currently doing a theater tour, bringing Irish music to Theater De Schalm with ‘The Rocky Road to Dublin’. When you love the music of The Dubliners or The Pogues, enjoy a good party, or like the atmosphere of an Irish pub, ‘The Rocky Road to Dublin’ is an absolute must see… Or rather: a must see and hear!