BJ's Wild Verband
Thu 9 Jan '25 20:30
Thu 9 Jan '25

BJ’s Wild Verband, the band led by singer-songwriter / guitarist / producer BJ Baartmans, will play an intriguing, well-grooving, adventurous form of Americana captured in catchy songs, most of which are written by Baartmans himself. The band’s career spans more than forty years, including 14 albums, hundreds of album sessions and roughly 4,000 live shows. 

Since January 2024, their shows mainly focus on their latest English album Ghostwriter, complemented by some of BJ’s earlier songs and some well selected roots classics. 

Band members Sjoerd van Bommel (drums, vocals), Gerco Aerts (bass) / Tom Baartmans (bass) and Eric van Dijsseldonk (guitar, vocals) from a strong team, each contributing in their own distinctive way to the repertoire. They are bringing a wide variety of songs from joint projects with, among others, Wouter Planteijdt, Matthews Southern Comfort, Philip Kroonenberg, Levi Parham, André Manuel, Malford Milligan, Oh Susanna, Kerri Powers, and the Band Played On. 

BJ’s Wild Verband creates a vibrant sonic backdrop, which allows Baartmans’ strongly narrative lyrics and distinctive guitar playing style to truly shine. Their music feels like meeting an old friend, but still manages to surprise you.