De Schalm for Kids

You are never too young to visit the theater!

Want to take your (grand)children to the theater? Great!
Children are never too young to discover the performing arts.
Every season, the program of Theater De Schalm includes approximately 20 shows for children between 2 and 12 years old. Most shows for children are scheduled on a Sunday or during the school holidays. 
Of course, schools or other groups can also contact us for “private” shows.  

Age rating
The appropriate age rating is included in the information regarding kids and youth theater productions on our website. This rating is based on the content and duration of the show. Children younger than the age stated on the website may disturb the players and other visitors. For that reason, it is also not allowed to bring your baby and keep him/her on your lap.

We greatly appreciate it if you take this into account when booking the tickets!

Booster seats

We do provide a substantial number of booster seats to ensure that even the very little ones are also able to see the stage. You can find the booster seats near the entrances to the hall of the relevant show.

Prams and buggies

Please ask our employees at the cloakroom where you can best place your pram or buggy.