Ellen ten Damme

BAROCK (reprise)
Thu 10 Oct '24 20:15 - 22:10
Thu 10 Oct '24
20:15 - 22:10

Tinsel and illusion

Theatrical exuberance was only celebrated in the 17th and 18th century by those who could afford it. Ellen ten Damme is dreaming away in frivolous impermanence and holds court in BAROCK, a show following on from her hit shows PARIS-BERLIN and CASABLANCA.

The most versatile singer of the Netherlands presents a tragédie lyrique that goes back further in time than ever before and yet is entirely contemporary. We are allowed to go out and about again and want it more than ever. Everyone is at the center of their own entourage, like a rock star in Versailles. Tinsel shines on social media and people are keeping up appearances. Behind the facade, the troubadour is observing the empress’s crinoline and is leading the dance like there is no tomorrow.

After a number of successful seasons and positive reviews, Ellen ten Damme is once again inviting you to join her court. Her show BAROCK is a multilingual ball demasqué full of surprising and familiar songs in which the scabrous excesses are just as exhilarating as the shady sides are compelling.